Nearly-New - Vanson Leathers


We’ve all got them, gems in the closet that just don’t fit like they used to. How about buying something custom made only to have a life changing moment where you can’t complete the purchase?

These things do happen, we have the product to prove it. We have always offered a trade in option for those who previously bought from Vanson. Call it a pre-owned or clearance site, we call it Nearly New. It is a site that gives customers who would prefer to spend a little less the opportunity to purchase some of the best handmade leather motorcycle garments in the world.

We have pre-owned garments in stock that have been traded in for larger (or smaller) replacements as well as custom built items that for one reason or another never made it to the customers closet.

You can take advantage and purchase any of these items at a bargain price.

If you don’t see anything in your size or style look again in a week or two, we will be adding items to the Nearly New collections as we get them.

Buying a Vanson pre-owned motorcycle leather jacket, riding pants or leather vest is a no brainer. All the used leather garments are inspected and reconditioned (if needed) to meet our quality standards. The great thing about buying a used leather items is the leather is ‘broke in’.